Targeting Resistant Cancer

Targeting Resistant Cancer

The biological systems that protect healthy cells in our bodies can also protect cancer cells and make them resistant to cancer therapies.

Varsity is developing new treatments that target the systems that protect cancer cells, to find drugs that work synergistically with therapies that aim to directly kill cancer cells, to greatly increase the chance of successful outcomes.

New Small Molecule Therapies

Varsity partners with leading oncology academics in Cambridge, and globally, to identify new targets to address drug resistance and develop new small molecule therapies for several resistant cancers.

Varsity works to transform these novel discoveries into new therapies for patients by supporting the clinical development work needed for their eventual regulatory approval and distribution.

About us

Varsity Pharmaceuticals was founded in Cambridge in 2020 as an Oncology focused sister company to the Rare Disease focused Cycle Pharmaceuticals, both part of the Cycle Group. Varsity is ideally placed to use the Cycle Group drug development expertise to support the transformation of world leading oncology research in to life-changing treatments for cancer patients.

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VP-004 PKC Inhibitor
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Pancreatic Cancer
VP-005 Gold Complexes
Breast Cancer


VP-004 PKC Inhibitor
Resistant CLL Trial 2022
Pancreatic Cancer Trial 2022
VP-005 Gold Complexes
Breast Cancer Trial 2023

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